IDEXX in-house analysers

Veterinary technology that evolves with your practice

How would it feel to have proactive technology working behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly at your practice? Imagine if issues with your analyser could be addressed in software updates that were installed as soon as they became available. Imagine if patient data and images could automatically back up to the cloud and never get lost. Imagine if slide calibration and robot-controlled adjustments could be carried out behind the scenes. Imagine an innovative new technology that gives you peace of mind, where you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting or keeping up with the latest updates.

A technology that evolves with you and your practice, so you can spend more time on the things that really matter—working with patients and clients.

Veterinary technician holding brown dog with a ProCyte One analyzer on the shelf.

The good news?: This technology already exists. IDEXX SmartService Solutions is a proactive technology that offers all of the above benefits and more.

Below, we take an in-depth look at some of the advantages of IDEXX SmartService Solutions and how it can make life easier for your practice.

Continually evolving technology allows you to help more patients

Life in a veterinary practice moves quickly. To ensure your practice keeps pace, you need your in-house analysers to keep evolving, too.

IDEXX SmartService Solutions is an IDEXX technology that remotely updates the software of our Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analysers, ProCyte One Haematology Analysers, ProCyte Dx Haematology Analysers and SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analysers, ensuring they always have the latest software version. All you need to do is click ‘Accept’, reboot the analyser if needed, and you’re away. Very little disruption is caused to your sample processing operations, so you can dedicate more time to doing what you love. Automatic updates also mean you don’t have to buy a new analyser every time there’s a service upgrade.

What’s more, with IDEXX SmartService Solutions, your patient images and information are all backed up to the cloud. From there, data is assessed in order to provide ongoing improvements and technology updates. 

When it comes to the ProCyte One and ProCyte Dx Analysers, IDEXX SmartService Solutions even simplifies the process of sharing patient results and dot plots (the visual representation of a CBC). The IDEXX support team is also there whenever you need help. The analyser automatically backs up its data to the cloud, where we can access it in order to help assist you.

Fewer workflow interruptions mean your team can focus more on patients

If your practice is busy, it means you’re growing—and that’s a good thing! But when you’re seeing lots of patients, you don’t want to have to spend time dealing with technology issues. IDEXX SmartService Solutions troubleshoots problems before you even realise they’re there.

How? We deploy cloud-based automation to assess analyser performance and calibration, and optimise them as required. We use quality control data from thousands of in-house analysers in veterinary practices across the world to assess the performance of individual analysers, compare them to other analysers in clinical use, and troubleshoot remotely if necessary. Sometimes problems will be corrected before you even experience any issues. This frees up you and your practice staff to focus on other tasks that positively impact your efficiency, and your bottom line.

Performing quality control —so you don’t have to

Ideally, you should run quality control (QC) checks on a regular basis in order to monitor your analyser’s performance and ensure it’s generating accurate results at all times. For the ProCyte One Analyser, IDEXX SmartService Solutions plays an important role in automating the quality control process.

With IDEXX SmartService Solutions installed on your IDEXX analysers, there’s one less thing you need to worry about—so you can focus on delivering the highest standard of care to your patients.

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