The Complete Electrolytes

See Completely with the Minimum DataBase

The Complete Electrolytes provide critical information about the electrolyte and acid base status of the patient. Electrolytes are essential for measuring hydration status and evaluating underlying metabolic disease. Keeping the electrolyte concentration optimized during the treatments of symptomatic animals will further enable a rapid recovery for the patient.

Why are the Complete Electrolytes an integral part of the Minimum DataBase?

  1. The Complete Electrolytes provide you with an objective assessment of the overall systemic impact of disease on acid-base status of the animal: it is an excellent starting point before evaluating the remainder of the chemistry profile – sets the stage
  2. The electrolytes also provide you with an objective assessment (in combination with CBC and other chemistries) of the presence of and degree of hydration status changes.
    • Is there subclinical dehydration
    • Allows greater power for interpreting various hematology and chemistry changes 
  3. Provides objective measurement of the progression or regression of disease
    • Monitor if the therapy is working: Multiple analyses throughout the day during electrolyte supplementation may be needed to monitor therapeutic intervention


Interpreting the Complete Electrolytes results 

Below is a sample report showing the results of the Complete Electrolytes. Find out what type of information each of the parameters provides and which organ system it relates to.

Complete Electrolytes Report