Fluid Therapy Calculator

We do the math. You do the medicine.

Fluid therapy decisions are easier with our complimentary calculator. Make the right fluid therapy decisions faster and easier with this practical tool for use in your everyday practice.

Calculate IV fluid therapy volumes and rates based upon your treatment plan

Save time and ensure accuracy with a veterinary specific fluid therapy calculator.

Be confident that you have the precise rate for all your patients—from small cats to large dogs—by letting the calculator do the math.

Ensure consistent treatment is provided with a printed document of your fluid selection and treatment plan.

Components include
  • Fluid deficit in dehydrated patients
  • Maintenance fluid requirements
  • Ongoing loss estimation
  • Administration rate reported in mL/hr and drops/min
  • Total fluids required during a 24-hour period, separated into deficit-replacement period and after

Helps you choose the best fluid and select common additives, and creates a summary of your fluid plan to add to the medical record.


The calculator includes these electronic reference materials
  • Clinical signs of dehydration and overhydration
  • Electrolyte compositions of commercially available funds
  • Sliding scale for potassium administration
  • Guide to bicarbonate and dextrose administration


Fluid Therapy Calculator Installation Instructions

  1. Download the below file to your local hard disc
  2. Launch the installer in "Compatability mode" for Windows XP as administrator
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

The IDEXX Fluid Therapy Calculator is only available for Windows in English. 

Do not install the calculator on your IDEXX VetLab Station (IVLS) computer